Twenty Twenty Forward

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Kerry Hilton
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Published on Jan 05, 2024

I’m a big believer in moving forward. It’s always the right direction. As we head into 2024, I want to look back at the transformative progress we set forth in 2023, as well as declare some of our ongoing goals. Last year, Boundless Life embarked on a new journey to evolve as a company, and the results have been successful and rewarding. I can’t help but be filled with gratitude and appreciation for those who chose to be part of our mission to help others live a boundless life.

Some of our 2023 accomplishments:

  • We created a new agency platform called Boundless Life. This has elevated our brand recognition and delivered more comprehensive services to our clients
  • We launched a new business unit called Boundless AI to help stay ahead of the industry (and world) through advanced digital transformation
  • We created Boundless Commercial Consulting to engage with clients earlier and across multiple disciplines to address higher-level business and commercial challenges
  • We added new medical communications partners with an equity stake in Fuse Health of Toronto
  • We launched Boundless Films to develop award-winning brand-sponsored and social impact films
  • We created Boundless Refinery to help make ad production more affordable and get work into the marketplace faster
  • We supported the launch of the first approved product for a rare disease, aided the growth and evolution of more precise treatment in men’s health, added 4 new clients, and continued to support HCPs, caregivers, and patients across a multitude of therapeutic areas

Some of our goals in 2024:

  • To continue extending our reach for rare disease patients who are often in desperate need of life-saving medicines
  • To make our clients’ lives better by helping solve complex market challenges with improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • To draw upon the talents of our people in new and creative ways and to be open to new methods and approaches
  • To accelerate our use of AI in improving our internal processes and pushing digital transformation to new heights so brands can communicate more effectively
  • To continue to diversify our service offerings and serve the needs of our clients from every perspective
  • To listen closely to our community, staff, clients, and patients so we can continue to meet their needs in ways we couldn’t have imagined alone

I look forward to the next 12 months. Together, the future is Boundless. 2024-ward!

Kerry Hilton
CEO, Founder
Boundless Life